Pinterest Marketing Tricks, 3rd edition, kindle cover

Publishers on kindle and other platforms, looking to get into high gear with their marketing efforts, should take a look at Eldi Abilo’s updated Deliciously Wicked Pinterest Marketing Tricks to Brand and Sell Your Products and Drive Traffic to Your Website! With it, you can move way ahead of the publishing pack


Plugin Hotshot by Jason Fladlien Kindle on Amazon

Don’t forget Eldi Abilo Told you about Jason Fladlien’s Plugin Hot Shot!



This awesome training manual is a cutting-edge opportunity to make your bottom line soar with multiple sales.

Maria Gudelis

Maria Gudelis

“Jason swore me to secrecy a year ago when he told me what he was up to and HOW he was doing it,” confessed long time Jason Fladlien marketing buddy Maria Gudelis as she let the Plugin Hotshot cat out of the bag.